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Although you as a florist are confronted with something of a challenge during these interesting times, spring offers an abundance of sales opportunities. This seasonal magazine is packed full of them! From new ways of tempting your customers with spring scents and colours, through to digital promotion packages bursting with images, posters and tips. Scroll through the most stimulating background information, and get to work yourself with both the tips and the images. We have got these 5 articles ready for you.


How to create extra sales opportunities


Get to work – let spring tempt your customers


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


All about … the hyacinth’s scent nuances


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!


How to create extra sales opportunities


How to create extra sales opportunities


Get to work - let spring tempt your customers


Get to work - let spring tempt your customers


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


All about ... the hyacinth’s scent nuances


All about ... the hyacinth’s scent nuances


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!

01 sales opportunities

Give your customers spring fever with

Seasonal marketing

Spring offers us lots of scented flowers as well as a radiant array of colours. But how do you present them to your customers in an original way? You can find original ideas for your sales display, both in-store and online, below!

1 Show off your ‘perfume flowers’

From sweetly floral to surprisingly spicy: it’s not hard to get your whole store smelling of flowers. But which flowers smell sweet, and which smell spicy? You can use sample cards for that, just like in a perfumery. But instead of the usual vial of perfume, you insert a scented flower.

Apply for promotional material ‘Spring is here again’

Request the special promotional pack for fragrance testers in your store here. The promotion runs from x until x. Read the terms and conditions and apply on the special promotion page: [link mailchimp]

Please note! You can request the ‘Spring is here again’ promotion pack until x. There are a limited number of packs available.

2. Organise ‘Spring is here again’ days

Stimulate your customers’ senses and get to work with the colours and scents of spring. Sniffing the fragrances of spring is the perfect way to leave the winter behind. From delicate sweet Viburnum opulus to intensely scented hyacinths: pure spring joy. As a florist you can join in with this in your own way. Issue an invitation to your customers: spring starts here! Draw your customers’ attention to the scented spring range, and organise activities that are all about scented flowers. In store, in your webshop or online: you can tempt every customer with fragrance.

Now on Facebook: How to celebrate ‘spring is here again’
5 display tips from fellow florists to inspire you!

3. Introduce the 2022 spring collection

Present the new spring scent collection to your customers in your newsletters, on social media, in your webshop or in store. Think of tuberose (seductive), spray narcissus (intensely sweet), broom (delicately sweet with a hint of spice), lilac (pure romance) and lathyrus (sweetly floral). We have already prepared the most stunning spring images and lots more ready-made content for you!

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02 get to work

Want to tempt your customers?

Get to work!

Roll up your sleeves; now it’s up to you to highlight all the beauty that spring has to offer. Immerse yourself in fragrances, surprise your customers with a bouquet on mesh and treat them to some fun facts!

Become a scent expert

Scent is really very personal. As a florist you can respond to this with bespoke fragrance bouquets. Ask lots of questions, let your customers smell different floral fragrances, and give advice on combining scents and colours. That enables you to show off your expertise!

Work with scented flowers

It’s a proven fact: scents have a positive effect on your brain. Mmmmm – a bouquet of spring flowers is a treat! Tell your customers about the happiness hormone (endorphin) that’s released by the fresh scents of spring flowers. Everyone could do with a generous dose of positive energy right now. These tips will help you get to work with scented flowers.

Make a combination of subtle floral scents and create your own ‘signature bouquet’.

List of flowers
  • Clematis
  • Muscari
  • Hyacinthus

Uncover the secret

How delightful is this botanically arranged spring bouquet? The secret is in the vase. The bouquet is inserted in mesh.

How to make it: make a ball out of wire netting (25 mm) and secure that in the vase. Fill it with water and shrub food. Insert the materials in the mesh ball one by one: first the blossom branches, then the flowers with thick stems, and then the more delicate flowers. Instant spring!

ontrafel1 ontrafel2 nieuw

Ontdek de 15 bloemenweetjes

De 15 bijzondere bloemen in dit boeket hebben allemaal iets te vertellen. Leuk toch, als je dit met je klanten kunt delen?

Mix & match with Scabiosa

Scabiosa is available all year round – so it will also look great in your spring bouquet! Around 8 million units  are offered at Royal FloraHolland every year: 50% come from the Netherlands (mainly Scabiosa caucasica) and the other 50% from Israel, Africa and Portugal (mainly Scabiosa atropurpurea).

03 seasonal inspiration

The floral goodies of the season

Spring joy

Be inspired by the season’s most beautiful flowers. You can use them to create real sources of joy: from a subtle spring posy for one customer to an extravagant bouquet for another. Scent is essential, because that’s what makes your bouquets pure spring affairs. Receiving such a beautifully scented bouquet in these times makes a fabulous gift!

7 flowers with a story

The rich symbolism of flowers is a treasure trove for storytelling. Ask what customers want to say with a bouquet: do they want to cheer someone up, wish them success or thank them? You can reinforce that message with a specific flower. In that way you create bouquets that tell a story. By the way: these fun facts are also great to share on your social media!

Want to do it yourself?
Download these Floral Goodies and share them with your Instagram followers

04 All about...

Everything you need to know about the scents of the

Lovely hyacinth

The hyacinth is always scented: from mildly sweet to very intense – and everything in between. That’s what makes this flower so irresistible. But does the colour also affect the scent? We talked to hyacinth specialist Piet van der Poel.

50 shades of scent

The scent of hyacinths does not take a single form. White hyacinths usually have a light and fresh floral scent, whilst blue ones often have a strong and intense fragrance. But the scent is mainly linked to the cultivar. Hyacinthus Delfts Blauw is an example of a strongly scented cultivar. The Pearl series consists of various colours – white, pink and blue – and has a much more delicate scent.

Chocolate & vanilla

Scent is one of the selection criteria in breeding, alongside colour, shape, bulb quality and above all ease of cultivation and proneness to disease. But the scent is an important aspect. All the senses are therefore used in the selection. Sometimes breeders encounter fragrances that surprise them, such as chocolate and vanilla. But that doesn’t mean they will end up for sale. The whole picture needs to be right.

Patience …

The breeding process takes some twenty years. That requires a lot of patience – but it’s worth the wait. Hence breeders have been able to create a beautiful yellow hyacinth. They are also working on other shapes (such as delicate claws and pointed clusters) and unusual patterns such as bright pink with white markings. The hyacinth may be a classic, but the range is constantly developing!

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05 365 days of flowers service

A fresh helping of inspiration

Download spring

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