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You have to deal with a lot in business, but the seasons help you get through it. And summer definitely gives you a boost! Need some inspiration? This seasonal magazine is packed full of it. From new ways of displaying flowers through to digital promotion packages bursting with images, posters and tips. Totally free! Scroll down for fascinating background articles, and be inspired. We have got these 5 articles ready for you:


Sales opportunities in the summer: seize them all!


Get to work – your shop as a pick-your-own garden


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


All about… the umbellifer family


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!


Sales opportunities in the summer: seize them all!


Sales opportunities in the summer: seize them all!


Get to work - your shop as a pick-your-own garden


Get to work - your shop as a pick-your-own garden


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


Seasonal inspiration: flowers & bouquets


All about… the umbellifer family


All about… the umbellifer family


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!


365 days of flowers service: especially for you!

01 sales opportunities

More sales in the summer: here’s how

Stimulate sales

By putting a different star of the season in the spotlight every summer month, you make your customers even more covetous. There’s no better stimulus for sales! Want to find out how you can constantly surprise customers? Read our tips, and upgrade your knowledge with our free factsheets.

1. May: go to town with Paeonia

Introduce your customers to the wide variety of flower shapes, colours and fragrances, so they constantly think: I want that one! Also show that you know what you’re selling, and talk about peony cultivation and the richness of the range. To do that, try asking a grower a question, e.g. on social media. Or visit the Peony Showgarden in Lemelerveld (tours for groups of florists by appointment).

Discover peonies as big as saucers or go in search of the gobstopper peony. We can help you with practical information

2. June: create a sea of sunflowers

The Helianthus (sunflower) has lots to offer, thanks to plant breeders. The flowers come in colours ranging from classic yellow to deep dark red, and in sizes from tiny to XXL. Helianthus is therefore perfect for celebrating the wealth of summer. Constantly make new bouquets with different varieties. And on 21 June, the longest day of the year, transform your shop into a sea of sunflowers.

Does the white sunflower really exist? Take a look at the Helianthus album on Facebook to find the answer.

3. July: go mad with Gladiolus

Gladioli are true summer classics. They arrive from the field by the bunch in July. This is the perfect time to really go to town with Gladiolus, a symbol of strength and victory. A vase full of Gladioli is always beautiful, but this flower also invites you to create extravagant bouquets that you can hardly fit in your hand. You can totally delight your customers with those.

Removing the top bud on the Gladiolus ensures a longer vase life: is that a fact or myth? Go to the Gladiolus album to find out.

4. August: Lots of variety with Dahlia

Dahlias are available almost all year round, but late summer is traditionally the key Dahlia season. By highlighting Dahlias as a real seasonal product again, you create a sense of euphoria: they’re back in abundance! Create a jampacked flower display with Dahlias in all possible varieties, and thereby invite your customers to buy richly-filled late summer bouquets.

Do you know how big the Dahlia range is? Explore all the possibilities alongside colourful inspiration bouquets

02 Get to work

Celebrate summer with colourful picked flowers

Pick-your-own garden 2.0

Picking flowers is definitely part of the summer experience. That offers an excellent opportunity for you as a florist! Obviously you create summery field bouquets, but have you ever thought of a pick-your-own garden on the pavement?

Mobile pick-your-own garden

In high summer it’s often quieter in the shop. Time to arrange something fun which will increase footfall. For example, create a 1 m² pick-your-own garden. It sounds complicated, but it’s not: just use some planks or pallets to quickly construct a 1 m² pick-your-own garden in which you display vases with picked flowers. Ideally you should place this pick-your-own garden outside the shop (put wheels on it to easily roll it from indoors to outdoors). That encourages impulse buys, and creates a positive, dynamic atmosphere in the street.

The joy of picking

Many summer flowers are suitable for a pick-your-own garden display, but do they also have the ‘joy of picking’ factor? You can select for that when buying. Think of Zinnia, Dahlia, Delphinium, Scabiosa, Ageratum, Veronica, Astilbe and Aster. Create a colourful mix with a nonchalant look. That makes it feel like a real pick-your-own garden. Customers can pick a number of flowers – e.g. fifteen stems – themselves for a fixed amount. Stay nearby and help where necessary. Large field bouquets definitely require the hand of an experience flower binder.

Make a wreath with summer flowers. By literally letting the flowers jump out, your wreath acquires a contemporary look.

List of flowers
  • Helianthus
  • Achillea
  • Dianthus ‘green trick’
  • Gloriosa
  • Zinnia
  • Anethum
  • Heliopsis

Uncover the secret

Why does this bouquet have exactly that nonchalant feel of a pick-your-own garden? The secret lies in the arrangement.

How to make it: fill a round dish with one or more kenzans (flower frogs) and a layer of water. Trim a cheerful mix of picked flowers to various lengths, and distribute them casually across the kenzans as if they have spontaneously grown there. First place the sturdier flowers, and then the more delicate ones like Clematis. Summer in a bowl!

seizoensmagazine zomer ontrafel het geheim seizoensmagazine zomer ontrafel het geheim

Perfect picked flower: Limonium

You just want to reach out and touch Limonium to hear the sound: the flowers rustle like paper. Ideal for summery field bouquets! Around 47.6 million units are offered for sale at Royal FloraHolland every year (2019). Limonium is available all year round in a range of colours: purple, pink, blue, white and yellow. The flowers come from Kenya, the Netherlands, Israel, Ethiopia and Italy.

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03 Seasonal inspiration

The floral goodies of the season

Happy bouquets

Summer is the most extravagant season. With flowers in sparkling colours and with sweet fragrances, you have plenty of ingredients for creating fabulous summer bouquets. Does that make you as joyful as it makes us? Great! It’s even more fun when you also see that joy in your customers, who in turn can make someone else happy with them!

7 flowers with a story

The more you know about flowers, the more fun it is to talk about them. Storytelling is the perfect way to engage and bind your customers. Increase your knowledge, and give it your own personal twist. Tip: these fun facts are also great to share on your social media!

04 All about

All about working with


The cow parsley that you see flowering in verges in the summer is related to the fabulous umbellifers that you sell in your shop. Umbellifers look fabulous in the spotlight on their own, but also steal the show in summery field bouquets.

All related

The umbellifer family, also known as Apiaceae, is a big family. It includes familiar summer flowers such as Anethum graveolens (dill), Ammi visnaga (bishop’s weed), Daucus carota (wild carrot) and Angelica. They give a real summer feel thanks to their association with cheerful blooming verges. It will come as no surprise that cow parsley is also a member of the umbellifer family!

Inside-out umbrella

Each umbellifer consists of a host of tiny flowers that form an umbel together with the flower stems. Effectively they look like an umbrella that has blown inside-out. One umbellifer is airier, another is more compact. Gather together different umbellifers in a low bowl – a fabulous flatlay to share on Instagram.

Playing with contrast

The umbel shape looks best if you combine it with contrasting flower shapes. Think of flowers with a plume or spike shape like Antirrhinum, Astilbe and Digitalis. Angelica is usually placed in a robust vase as a single flower. It’s so beautiful, there’s nothing you need to add!

Look now on Instagram: 3 ways to let umbellifers shine


Here is your content for the summer


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