Winter warmers

The winter season offers you as a florist plenty of opportunities to really go to town with unusual seasonal flowers. Tempt your customers with bright orange, move them with floral symbolism, or make a festive day unforgettable. In this magazine we show you how to do it, both on the shop floor and online on your social media. That ensures you really stand out!

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Sales opportunities: there’s always something to celebrate in winter


Get stuck in: make the difference at special times


Inspiration: colourful bouquets. You’re happy and the customer is happy!


All about: orange as a winter mood setter


365 days of flowers service: at your service (you’re welcome!)


Sales opportunities: there’s always something to celebrate in winter


Sales opportunities: there’s always something to celebrate in winter


Get stuck in: make the difference at special times


Get stuck in: make the difference at special times


Inspiration: colourful bouquets. You’re happy and the customer is happy!


Inspiration: colourful bouquets. You’re happy and the customer is happy!


All about: orange as a winter mood setter


All about: orange as a winter mood setter


365 days of flowers service: at your service (you’re welcome!)


365 days of flowers service: at your service (you’re welcome!)

01 sales opportunities

Get the (floral) decorations out of the cupboard

Party time!

What do you do when it’s cold and grey outside? Precisely – you make it cosy inside. There’s plenty to celebrate in winter. With colourful flowers you can turn every winter day into a party. And spring will be here again before you know it.

1. Banish the grey

Winter is not just about celebrating. For many people winter is a cold and sombre season that feels like it will never end. But as a florist you have everything to hand to bring colour to grey days. Demonstrate that with colourful bouquets and table decorations, both in your shop and on your social media. Always good for a smile!

2. Don’t delay!

A lot of flowers are available all year round, but winter also has truly seasonal products, like Euphorbia fulgens and Ilex verticillata. These are beautiful materials to put in the spotlight and thereby create a sense of scarcity: buy them now, because they’re not here for long. And when your customers are desperately longing for spring in January, you can delight them again with the first spring flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils and ranunculus.

3. Always something to celebrate

Singles Day (11 November) is becoming increasingly important as a flower day. On this day singles like to treat themselves to something lovely. Surprise them with your personal Singles Day bouquet! For Christmas and New Year you can really allow your imagination run wild with the most diverse floral decorations, but also with flowers to give as a gift. Once the festive season is over, Blue Monday (16 January 2023) is the perfect day for positioning the first spring flowers as bringers of joy. And surely you can come up with your own celebrations for all the days in between.

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02 Get to work

Your work makes an impression

A smile & a tear

As a florist, you’re sometimes also a therapist. You help people to celebrate the most beautiful days in the lives, and offer comfort in sad times. What a great job, eh?

Celebrate it extravagantly

A wedding, birthday, birth or anniversary? It definitely doesn’t always have to be a bouquet. Try displaying individual flowers in different vases: a simple but stylish way to highlight the season’s flowers. It looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Meaningful flowers

Seasonal flowers are also increasingly being used in funeral floral work. That fits with the trend that people are looking for a connection with nature. You can boost the value of your floral work with the symbolism of flowers. For example, use Ilex as a symbol for friendship, warmth and love, or Gysophila as a symbol for eternal love.

It’s lovely to offer comfort with the season’s most beautiful materials. Show your customers what the possibilities are for a farewell, including in winter.

Narcissus is seen as a symbol of a new beginning, because the flower announces the arrival of a new season.
List of flowers
  • Narcissus
  • Euphorbia fulgens
  • Kalanchoe
  • Banksia dryandra

Uncover the secret

In the funeral sector we are seeing the rise of natural burials and outdoor farewell ceremonies. This creative funeral floral work fits perfectly with that. A special use of seasonal flowers in a natural setting.

How to make it: work with your customer to choose the most beautiful seasonal flowers. Show them what materials are possible. In winter, also think of berries, hips and the first branches of blossom. If there are flowers that have played a special role in the life of the deceased, you can obviously add those. Place the flowers in bottles filled with water. Clamp them between elastic straps that you have first tied round a tree. It’s best to do this with two people.

Tip: ask what the rules are at natural burial sites in your area. Floral work is often permitted during the funeral, but not after that.

Winter jewel: Paeonia

The peony (Paeonia) is a real stunner in winter. The peony blooms naturally in summer – and it’s always summer somewhere! Peony growers in the northern and southern hemisphere together ensure a supply of peonies almost all year round. That means we can also enjoy this remarkable flower in the winter. Fabulous in bridal flowers, but also as a solo bloom.  Cherish the peony in winter like a precious jewel. Then you can go to town in summer again with extravagant bouquets.


The floral goodies of the season

Revelling in colour

The grey days of winter call for colour – lots of colour. Create richly-filled winter bouquets with which your customers can bring instant colour into their home. And soon you will also be able to work with the first spring flowers again. Even more colour and joy! Inspiration: three happy bouquets in different styles. Which will you make?

7 flowers, 7 stories

Why do customers keep coming back to you? Because you can tell them something about every flower. From its origin to its symbolism, from how it grows to how to care for it. Learn about the flowers that pass through your hands, and tell people about them enthusiastically. That makes every bouquet extra-special for your customer.

04 ALL ABOUT ...

Cold season, warm colour

House of Orange

Orange is perhaps not the first colour you think of in winter. Yet there are a surprisingly large number of flowers and berries available in this warm colour now. That’s good, because everyone can use some extra warmth in winter!

Pep talk

Orange stands for warmth, enthusiasm, celebration and connection. It’s an eye-catching colour that radiates a lust for life. Perfect for the winter months! If you could do with some positive energy, surround yourself with orange flowers, berries and hips. And the same applies to your customers, obviously. So talk about the effect of colours as a colour expert, e.g. on your social media.

Eye-catching orange

One eye-catching orange winter flower is Euphorbia fulgens (it also comes in red, yellow and white, incidentally). And there are many other flowers available in orange, such as Amaryllis, Antirrhinum, Asclepias, Banksia, Gloriosa, Leucospermum (nutans), Protea, Ranunculus and Strelitzia. There are also plenty of orange berries available, such as Hypericum, Ilex and – if you’re lucky – the last orange rosehips.


A rich orange bouquet is perfect for creating a warm mood in the home and a delight to receive. Also let one special orange flower shine, such as Ranunculus in warm orange. Or gather together the various orange flowers and use them to fill a collection of small vases. That really pops!

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